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Wellness Policy

Liberty Grove Schools supports nutrition, physical activity, and healthy habits at all grades to enhance the well-being of all students. The purpose is to provide access to healthy foods and beverages; provide opportunities for developmentally appropriate physical activity; and require that all meals served by the school operation meet or exceed the federal nutritional guidelines issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.


Wellness Coordinator: 

Debra Patterson


Wellness Committee:

  • Debra Patterson, Food Service Manager
  • Clare Pope, Family Engagement Director
  • Jeremy Thomas, PE Teacher
  • Crystal Walker, Assistant Principal
  • Yolanda Wide, Director of Operations

Liberty Grove School’s Health Advisory Committee will maintain and oversee the health and nutrition activities. The committee will assist in engaging students, parents/guardians, teachers, child nutrition professionals, health professionals and other interested community members in developing, implementing, monitoring, and reviewing nutrition and physical activity policies.

The committee will meet on a routine basis, as needed, to discuss activity implementation. They will also review, annually, the policies to plan for the upcoming year.


Nutrition Promotion

Goal 1

School environment will promote the development of healthy eating habits and physical activity by engaging families through printed communication that outlines the benefits of select foods and physical activity


Goal 2

Encourage family participation by offering non-food-related incentives


Nutrition Education

Goal 1

Nutritional information and healthy eating will be incorporated throughout the cafeteria.


Goal 2

Health benefits of food items will be listed on the menus.


Physical Activity

Goal 1

Students will receive at least 50% of moderate activity during physical education class.


Goal 2

LGS will implement a bicycling program for students.


Other Activity

Goal 1

A suggestion box will be incorporated for the students to provide suggestions for nutrition and activity.


Goal 2

LGS will offer afterschool activities by grade level.